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PM News #8: Sanil Rajput - Microsoft PM

PM News #8: Sanil Rajput - Microsoft PM

hey! Anthony here. This is my full interview with Sanil Rajput. Sanil Rajput is a recent grad from UC Berkeley. For the past 9 months, Sanil has been a Product Manager at Microsoft working on AI research. Before that, he was an APM at Roblox working on Machine Learning products.

We talked about a lot, including:

  • 🛠 His experiences being a PM at Microsoft and an APM at Roblox.

  • 💼 His advice on how to break into product

  • 🏢 Working at a startup vs big company

  • 🔥 And lots more!

Here’s Sanil Rajput:

🎬 Full Interview

Here’s the full video of the 31 min interview along with the transcript (link).

✂️ Snippets

Can’t watch the full thing right now? Here are a few short snippets from the interview. Hope you enjoy:

Clip #1

🤔 Sanil recalls a few mistakes he’s made at Microsoft and what he’s learned from them. He also gives advice that for new PMs a few months into their roles. (1m 54s)

Clip #2

💎 Sanil drops some advice for how to break into product. (2m 16s)

🎧 Audio

Want the audio? Just hit that play button at the top of this post.

You can find Sanil on Twitter & LinkedIn

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