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PM News #10: Ada Yeo

PM News #10: Ada Yeo

hey! Anthony here. This is my full interview with Ada Yeo. Before starting her consumer social app, Shuffle, and before landing in last year’s Forbes 30 under 30 list —Ada was a Product Manager at Coinbase. Before that, she was a PM at (another crypto company).

We talked about a lot, including:

  • 📈 How she led a team of 12 at Coinbase to scale a product to $100M GMV in 12 months

  • 🤝 How she closed $1.2M in sales in just 9 months at Earn

  • 💰 Lessons she learned from raising $2M from VCs for Shuffle

  • 🔥 And lots more!

Here’s Ada Yeo:

🎬 Full Interview

Here’s the full video of the 43 min interview along with the transcript (link)

✂️ Snippets

Can’t watch the full thing right now? Here are a few short snippets from the interview. Hope you enjoy:

Clip #1

😄 Ada talks about a growth tip she’s learned: loops > funnels (1m 18s) (link)

Clip #2

😄 Ada talks about how she approaches finding product-market fit (1m 25s) (link)

Clip #3

😄 Ada recalls a few mistakes she’s learned from (2m 01s) (link)

Clip #4

😄 Ada describes what her day-to-day was like at Coinbase and Earn (3m 10s) (link)

Clip #5

😄 Ada’s advice to people that want to break into product (2m 29s) (link)

🎧 Audio

Want the audio? Just hit that play button at the top of this post.

You can find Ada on Twitter & LinkedIn

Thanks for reading Issue #10 of PM News

I’m Anthony —You can find me on Twitter • LinkedIn • My Blog

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