Do you want to learn how to become a PM at companies like Google, Uber, and Airbnb?

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I'll save you some time by talking to top product people in the industry.

Introducing PM News 🌎

PM News is The Product Person's monthly premium newsletter. 

In it, I interview top PMs and product designers in the industry once a month to extract their career advice gems.

✨ I'll cover questions like:

  • How to get promoted as a PM? 

  • How to get from PM to Chief of Product?

  • How to increase your total compensation as a PM?

  • What are some good PM resources? (Blog, book, course, events, etc.)

  • How technical do you need to be to excel as a PM? And how should you train for that?

  • How to build your network to position yourself for future career growth and opportunities?

  • How to land a product role at a large tech firm (Google, Uber, Airbnb) from where currently you are in your career?

I basically want to give you "STEROIDS for PMs" —insights so good that they should be illegal.

(put it on your business card *wink*)

So far, I’ve interviewed people like Chris Messina (Ex-Google, Ex-Uber, and inventor of the hashtag) and Luba Yudasina, (Software engineer turned PM at Airbnb)

🎯 Next interviewees I’m targeting:

  • Ryan Hoover, Founder of Product Hunt

  • Femke von Schoonhoven, Product designer at UberEats

  • many more…

Thanks for reading & I hope to see you in your inbox,

- Anthony Diké, Founder of PM News