PM News #9: Rohini Pandhi - Product @ Square (PREVIEW)

hey! Anthony here. This is the preview of my interview with Rohini Pandhi. For the past 5 years, Rohini has been doing product at Square. Before that, she was a PM at several different startups. Recently, she’s become an angel investor. She also founded a non-profit called Transparent Collective to help underrepresented founders get access to growth resources and connections.

We talked about a lot, including:

  • 🤓 What she’s learned at Square and why she’s stayed for 5+ years.

  • 💸 How her product knowledge translated to angel investing.

  • 🛠 Important insights on product she’s learned throughout her career.

  • 🔥 And lots more!

Here’s Rohini Pandhi:

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✂️ Snippets

Here are a few short snippets from the interview. Hope you enjoy:

Clip #1

🛠 Rohini explains what she sees as some key differences between doing product at a startup vs doing product at a big company (2m 10s) (link).

Clip #2

💡 Rohini breaks down a few important concepts she’s learned about product in her career (2m 50s) (link).

Clip #3

🧠 Rohini talks about why you shouldn’t blindly implement other people’s product frameworks into your own product process. Develop your own product process using first principles thinking. (2m 34s) (link).

You can find Rohini on Twitter & LinkedIn

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